About us

sundaysforlife was founded in August 2019 by Alicia and Andreas Düren. Together with friends and like-minded people, they founded the non-denominational, non-partisan and non-profit organization under the same name. The purpose is to inform and expose what abortion does to the unborn child and the woman.

Illustration eines Vaters mit einem jungen Kind

How it all started

It all started on Augsburg's town hall square, where we wanted to be weekly presence for life on Sunday noon and talk with people about abortion.

Soon other projects followed, such as the production of educational videos and setting up a social media presence to reach even more people.

sundaysforlife exists to raise awareness about the evil of abortion, change public opinion about the killing of unborn children, and defend the rights of the most vulnerable amongst us. Through education, evidence-based facts and personal stories of those affected, we reveal the humanity of unborn children and expose the inhumanity of the abortion industry, which exploits women and kills children for profit.

With a ever growing online reach and physical presence on the streets, we are driving change toward ending this grave human rights violation.

What we fight against

Systematic dehumanization

The abortion industry dehumanizes unborn children and camouflages the horror of abortion with code words and euphemisms such as "clump of cells," "product of conception," and "reproductive rights."

Deliberate misinformation

Because of this deliberate misinformation, many people do not realize how developed unborn children are when they are aborted. They are kept in the dark about the risks of abortion for women and have no idea what happens to an unborn child during an abortion.

Large-scale human rights violations

In recent decades, the abortion lobby has managed to make media, politicians, and other institutions its accomplices, making this grave human rights violation increasingly systemic

The board

Portrait von Alicia Düren

Alicia Düren

Portrait von Andreas Düren

Andreas Düren

Portrait von Mathias Blum

Mathias Blum