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Peace starts in the womb

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The purpose of an abortion is to kill an unborn child. With more than 73 million abortions  1  performed worldwide each year, it is the greatest human rights violation of our time.

In Germany, abortions are possible up to the 14th week of pregnancy (LMP) without giving reasons and remain unpunished. If the child has a disability like Down syndrome, killing is allowed until birth  2  .

The unborn child is the most vulnerable member of society, but at the same time, the least protected.

Unborn children will die by abortion  today in Germany.  3 

of  100 children  with Down Syndrome are screened and  killed before birth in Germany.  4 

Months is the approximate duration of a pregnancy. The organization, "pro familia" advocates to legalize abortions until birth.  5 

 Every abortion violently destroys human life. From a technical perspective, abortion is usually a blind surgical procedure that takes place in one of the most sensitive parts of a woman's body. 

In Germany alone, over 100,000 women feel compelled to make this decision each year.  3 

An abortion, often trivially referred to as a termination of pregnancy, removes the developing, unborn child from the woman's uterus. In the process, it is usually – depending on the abortion method – dismembered brutally. 

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Human is Human

At the moment of fertilization, the entire genetic makeup of a human being is created, including gender, eye color, and unique individual characteristics. The only difference between someone at the time shortly after fertilization, four months after conception, two years after birth, or at 17, 35, or 80 years of age is only the development stage, which changes with nutrition and time. Otherwise, there are no differences.

The human being is and remains a human being  .

What does "pro-life" mean??

The term was coined in the U.S. after the Supreme Court's 1973 decision to legalize abortion in all 50 states. No matter how much an abortion "relieves" a mother who does not want a child, it is an intervention that violates the principles of medical ethics and human rights.

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Do no harm

Primum non nocere! This Latin phrase, considered the basic principle of any medical intervention, means "first, do no harm." Like the   Hippocratic Oath, which also swears to "never do harm," it reminds us that the role of a physician is to  heal, not to  harm.

Although many surgical procedures carry the risk of causing harm, their intent is to provide healing for the patient. The explicit intent of an abortion, however, is to kill the embryo or fetus. Abortion may be a now standard, largely safe procedure, but it is by no means harmless or benign.